Social Distancing

Yard Care

Lawn mowing, weeding, leaf raking, hedge trimming, power raking, dog feces and snow removal. Our yard care services will keep your property clean and pristine for all to see. We ensure full pandemic safety procedures while working on your property and even offer contactless forms of payment. Available as a one-time or monthly service. Contact us today at the bottom of this page to arrange a free quote.

Odd Jobs

Curbside Delivery

Grocery shopping during a pandemic is stressful and anxiety inducing. Let us take the worry out for you. We take every measure possible to ensure safety for everyone involved. Your groceries will be picked up, if available, and delivered to your home. All you need to do is your own grocery sanitation practices. Contact us today at the bottom of this page to arrange a free quote.


Adjusting to a new norm.

At the beginning of March 2020 I was an event producer, manager, designer, coordinator, entertainer, promoter, entrepreneur, stage manager, tour manager and prop builder. I specialized in theatre, weddings, corporate parties, school assemblies, comedy shows, bars and restaurants, festivals, and children's parties. After March 2020 I'm a professional bum. My global industry has been shut down and until we can safely organize large crowds, I am responsibly unemployed.

So now what? Under current health and safety guidelines, I'm not allowed to make income to feed my family by my normal means. To do so puts other families at serious risk. So while we wait for this storm to pass I need to ensure my family is still fed, safely. I know the emergency rebates won't last. So I'm going back to the trade that taught me how to run a business. And maybe even create a few jobs in the process.

How it began. I grew up in a lower class neighborhood and had to be creative to pay for my hockey cards and video games. I did anything I could. Mow lawns, rake leaves and shovel walks. It kept me busy, out of trouble and taught me self-reliance. Skills I later used in my other business ventures. I had plans to launch this lawn care business when my kids were a little older. I wanted to teach them how to run a business but desperate times call for desperate measures. So while I wait for large events to come back I would like to introduce my yard care and odd jobs services. A sure fire way to ensure my family is fed and my kids have a secure and self-reliant future.